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Doula Support

I am a Certified Doula (DTI) and professional Birth Photographer, as well as a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. I am passionate about supporting and documenting families. I offer packages combining both Doula support as well as photography services.

What is a Doula, and why should I hire a doula to support my birth?

A "doula" is an individual trained to provide emotional, educational, physical and informational support throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. The World Health Organization recommends that a doula be present at every birth. Having doula support during labor reduces the risk of cesarean section, and increases overall satisfaction with the birthing process. 

What are some examples of ways that doulas provide physical support in labor?

As a doula, I am trained to support birth physically with suggestions on comfortable and effective birthing positions, pain management techniques involving massage, acupressure, counter-pressure and aromatherapy. I come with an awareness that the atmosphere in the labor room greatly affects the comfort of the birthing person; everything from lighting, to temperature, to the individuals in the room.

If I've chosen a great care provider (OB/GYN, Midwife), do I really need a doula too?

If you're birthing at a hospital, you may not have an existing relationship with any of the nurses or midwives, and your doctor may come to the birth only at the time of delivery. Even in the most supportive labor & delivery wards, the staff undergo shift changes. Hiring a doula guarantees that you will receive consistent support throughout the entire process. Additionally, studies show that women may forget the details of their childbirth experiences, but they never forget how they were made to feel by those around them during the process. Your doula will be the only person in the room who is there just for you. Everyone else is there at least in part for the baby.

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